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, three town. president obama and mitt romney dual over foreign policy and the health of the u.s. economy in their third and final debate. made vase mire lays out her vision of yahoo! as the internet company posted better than expected third quarter figures. but burberry an lis cutting price targets. and bank of israel splaning for all sorts of eventualities among tipped tensions. . >>> on today's show, plenty to get through of course. let's remind you what's coming up. we'll discuss the presidential debate with experts one which president obama says was clearly the winner while the other thinks romney was the one who looked more presidential. we'll hear from the governor of israel stanley fisher with a live update from tel aviv. and we'll get an in-depth analysis on the latest earnings out of japan. find out what stocks our guests think is a buy at 10:30 cet. also is there more easing on the cards for the fed? we'll head out to philadelphia with the latest expectations. the fed begins its two day meeting. but first, president obama and mitt romney faced off for the third and final time b
the markets like, romney or obama? >> i don't really know. >> markets always have a preference. >> people who vote for obama would say obama, people who vote no romney would say romney. >> but what would the markets say? >> business might modestly favor mitt romney, but it doesn't necessarily mean that's better for the markets or not. >> at jpmorgan, are you worried about the fiscal cliff situation and which way it could return in the month of december? >> there are two parts. one is actually what happens at the end of december and you can feel the effects of that before the end of the december. the second one is the real fiscal cliff, does the united states of america show it has the will and capability to fix its fiscal problems. i'm not worried as much for jpmorgan as i am for american business and more than that, the american jobs and the average american. a fiscal cliff and another recession would be terrible for america. we should do everything we can to overt that. >> if an acceptable solution does not come about, do you feel we could have a recession next year? >> yes. i think they're
with rosneff but says no decision has yet been made. and president obama, mitt romney head into their final debate tonight as new poll shows they're now in a dead heat with just two weeks to go before election day. and plus japan records its sharpest export since last year's devastating earthquake. raising fears the world's third biggest economy could be slipping back into recession. it's the start of another week here on on "worldwide exchange." kelly is state side helping to host "squawk on the street." p meanwhile plenty to come still on today's show. here in london, protesters have been marching against austerity. one of our reporters was there. demonstrators took out their anger on multinational companies. in new york, wall street a underwhelmed as corporate giants like ge, part owner of this station, had cautious revenues. we'll pibd out if cat pill what are and yahoo! will buck the trend or affirm it pnd and obama and romney squaring off, who is likely to deliver the knockout below. we start out with the focus squarely on earnings. fill whips beat expectations. the firm which traditi
pessimistic that we'll have clarity even by early december. it could be a lame duck obama, a reelected obama, but either case, it's not clear what will happen. >> we'll get into that. we'll take a short break, but we'll get more in the fiscal cliff in a second. but up next, more than 80 top ceos have written to congress with their own ideas. find out what they're suggesting. >>> these are your headlines from around the world. santander and credit suisse miss expectations, but investors welcome the cost cutting plans. daimler trades lower after warning on full year profits. and uk gdp jumps a better than expected, strongest quarterly gain in five years. ceos of more than 80 top companies are urging congress to use tax increases and spending cuts to reduce the nation's deficit. "wall street journal" says the group will release an open letter today that -- greg, do you agree with their sentiment? >> i agree and it's not surprising because virtually all the people who have looked at this problem in washington who aren't running for office agree with this problem. i think this is still significan
, could get the stock moving. in china. this is really -- this is maybe the most right now. obama/romney stock away from the business and obama's people, made it clear they won't sell the remaining stake in gm. tim massen said the same thing, the disposal agent. romney's camp indicated they will take gm immediately. they will sell that stock, so that's a pretty binary situation. you will get results from ralph lauren. will they be the next company that we thought was doing well and europe slowed? the stock went down 13 points, but that won't be enough. anything negative at all on the call, ralph lauren trades hard, up and down on very little volume. please be careful. there are huge numbers reporting, companies reporting on thursday, including exxon. i think that will be just fine, by the way. i want to hear from little chart industries, the company as an important recommendation, and key to our nation's attempt to harness natural gas. it's a huge cost control for the whole conversion. we'll be on it. kellogg is a trade and there was a time when kellogg was consistent, consistent,
concerning u.s. president barack obama. log on to for that. >>> also, major airports are now removing x-ray machines, deemed to be too invasive. keep up to speed on the new mini ipad and cnbc's live blog, could it be another winner for apple or not? will the price put people off? all on the website, we'll take a short break. still to come, iran's warning that it will stop all exports if western sanction get any tighter. we'll be in tel aviv to hear exclusively what the israeli finance minister has to say about those sanctions. >>> a few companies, whirlpool, harley davidson, and ups bucked the trend in registered gains. what all those companies have in common? they did most of their business in america and have limited exposure to the likes of europe and china. so what we're asking today, is it time to buy america? you the e-mail us or tweet us. israel's finance minister said the current sanctions against iran are not sufficient to bring the country's nuclear ambitions under control. that comes amidst a new threat from iran that it will stop oil exports if sanctions
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6